Tasting: Shafer Hillside Select 2007

Shafer is legendary in Napa Valley and their Hillside Select is an iconic wine of the region.  On a recent flight, I read an article in the airline's magazine sharing the author's thoughts on the best beer, wine, or spirit in each state.  There is so much to choose from in California and they selected... Continue Reading →

Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Martha Stewart has launched an online direct to consumer wine service.  The service has a compelling introductory offer with it's "Discovery" half or full case. "A thoughtfully curated (and budget-friendly) assortment of wines can now be yours with the help of Martha Stewart Wine Co.! Available online, it makes it easy to find and order... Continue Reading →

Have you visited Wine Folly?

Without a doubt, Wine Folly is the most impressive wine blog I've come across.  The approach to educating users is both fun, creative and bright.  Every time I come up with a topic to write about on VineOutLoud I start with a web search and inevitably, I find that Wine Folly has most of it... Continue Reading →

Which wines to drink with spicy food?

For six years, I’ve been a proud member of a 25-year old group called the Woolybuggers. This group includes some of the best fathers, husbands, businessmen and friends I’ve ever met. Annually, this group gets together for a 2-3 night fly fishing trip. We fish of course, but more importantly we gather each evening on... Continue Reading →

Wildfires in Napa & Sonoma

Wine Spectator on the wildfires in Napa and Sonoma ... CNN's facts on the wildfire Terrible news for residents of this amazing place. Sorry for the loss of loved ones and the life's work and livelihood of many people. This article from Wine Spectator shares the bad news and CNN's link shares the "staggering" numbers. ... Continue Reading →

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