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You’re at the wine shop in front of a stack of wines, most of which you know nothing about.  What to do?  First, ask someone at the store for a suggestion. Tell them what you have enjoyed in the past.  Maybe answer a couple of questions and they should be friendly and eager to assist.  If not, consider making this your last visit to this particular wine purveyor,  but don’t leave empty handed.  Take out your smart phone and select one of the Best Wine Apps to help you make a great selection.

We’ve scoured the web and read a few dozen articles and lists on the top wine apps.  We downloaded the apps with the best reviews and gave them a try.  There are plenty of great options out there, but we were super impressed with three.


These three are on virtually every list we found and from our little test, they deserve to be.  Each of these apps can solve the scenario above.  Use your phone’s camera and each app’s label recognition capability and voilà, you quickly access more information on this wine than even the biggest wine guru could provide at a moment’s notice.

Wine Apps






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