France Ranked #1 in the premier World Soccer & Wine Ranking by VinoOutLOUD!

Those passionate about soccer/futbol and wine are going to love this. VinoOutLOUD has written a six-factor weighted formula to rank the top 20 countries on the planet for wine and soccer combined.

The Ranking Formula

The World Soccer & Wine Rankings are published by VinoOutLOUD. The rankings are determined annually by weighting six overall factors with a 50% focus on wine and 50% on soccer. The FIFA World Rankings as November 13th, 2017 were used in the formula.

World wine and soccer table

The Top 20 Rankings

France led with wine and Germany led with soccer. In the end, France’s wine presence was enough to lift it past Germany to the top of the world rankings. Unbelievably, the #3 and #4 teams on the planet for soccer & wine have an unfortunate trait in common, both Italy and the United State have failed to qualify for the 2018 Men’s World Cup in Russia. Portugal used its immense wine consumption per capita and #3 men’s FIFA ranking to register #5 in the premier rankings. Here’s the Top 20:

World Soccer Table

What’s Next

Enjoy the results and let the debate begin (or continue).  Look for a 2018 update shortly after the 2018 FIFA Men’s World Cup in Russia.  Let us know what you think overall and specifically any other factors you would like to see added to the formula.

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