An unrelenting passion for wine, vineyards and lifestyle

Today,  October 10th, 2017, we launch VinoOutLOUD.  We wanted to be but you don’t always get what you want.  If we did, I would own vineyards all over the world and you would be invited.  So what is this about?  We want VinoOutLOUD to evolve into your resource for adding wine to your life and enjoying life more because of wine.  Wine is part of my family’s life every day.  Some days we simply enjoy it while watching our favorite shows, other times we vacation around it.  Like you, we are busy and the days fly past.  Wine is what my wife and I always slow down with together.  Every bottle can take you someplace else or start a conversation.  Let VinoOutLOUD be your portal to wine and everything it can bring to life.

We will keep it simple, here are a few things to expect:

  • Education on wine topics
  • Wines to try and where to acquire them
  • Profiles on wineries and wine personalities
  • Lifestyle and culinary related items
  • Reference materials
  • Anything else that is new and/or interesting that involves wine

All the best and welcome aboard,


pouring wine on rustic table

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    1. Hey Stephanie. Check out It is a great value based way to try new wines. The wines won’t blow anyone away, but for the price they are good+ and with each delivery you are introduce to plenty of new wines from different geographic areas. We usually buy a couple cases a year. They have some great introduction offers on the site. Thanks for the comments! Talk with you soon.

  1. And for the Greg’s of the world – and you know who he is ;). Can we add scotch reviews to this blog or am I wayyyy outside scope? (Wink)

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