Corkage Policy = BYOW

Corkage refers to a restaurant's policy of letting customers bring in a bottle of wine.  A "corkage" fee is charged by the restaurant for serving the bottle and using the restaurant's stemware.   Put another way, a corkage policy allows you to BYOW - Bring Your Own Wine. So why BYOW? Let's start by putting... Continue Reading →

Best Wine Apps

You're at the wine shop in front of a stack of wines, most of which you know nothing about.  What to do?  First, ask someone at the store for a suggestion. Tell them what you have enjoyed in the past.  Maybe answer a couple of questions and they should be friendly and eager to assist. ... Continue Reading →

Wine Movies on Netflix

Are you one of the 109.3 million Netflix subscribers on the planet?  If yes, there are several entertaining wine movies at your finger tips right now.  We've included our favorites here for you.  They are a bit documentary-ish, but every bit as entertaining as they are educational. Sour Grapes - An entertaining documentary from 2016... Continue Reading →

Google it, "Top Wine Gifts for Christmas 2017" and then get ready for information overload. We've reviewed 25-30 of these lists, added several items we personally own or use and produced this Top 10 List for you. We made sure at least half the gifts would not break the bank. We've also indicated the items... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Wines of 2017 from Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator has released it's top 100 wines of 2017.  The top ten wines were announced over the course of the last week with 1-2 wines announced daily in videos available on Wine Spectator has been publishing the Top 100 wines each year since 1988.  According to the WS website, the selection criteria include... Continue Reading →

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